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KLCN 10000
"KELVIN" is Finley 15 years is a leading manufacturer of process cooling systems like water chillers, coolant chillers hydraulic oil chillers, glycol chillers, The company's core technology is based on heat transfer using the vapor, compression refrigeration cycle, At Werner Finley we have pro actively phased out CFCs and are in the process of phasing out HCFC based refrigerants which are hazardous to our environment. Through our last experience we offer a wide range of all the above products to suit every industrial process cooling need in sectors like automobile, machine tools, metal working, plastics, lab, pharma, medical industry etc. We are am ISO 9001-2008 certified company for quality and D&B certified for credit rating.
Technical Specificatiion for Chilling Plant
  Cooling Capacity/Hr. 1300 To 2000 ltr.
  Height ( In Inch) 90"
  Depth ( In Inch) 45"
  Width (L) ( In Inch) 62"
  Temperature + 10C. To 15C.
  Energy Consumption 1290W
  Power Supply 380/440 Volt
  Maxi. Current AMPS. 20.0 AMPS.
  Ton Capacity 10 Ton
  Pump 1 HP.
  Pump Amps. 3.5 + -5%
  Wat. In Kg. 410 Kg.
Technical specifications are subject to change due to continuous products developments.
Year round operation allows you equipments to run continuously.
With controlled desired temprature and flow rate.
Range of capacities, tempratures and flow rate.
Power saving & instant chilling.
Air cold condenser for fast pull down.
Axial fans for noise less and maintains less.
Power coated body for glossy finish.
water flow switch for longer life of PHE.
Standard electronic controls and digital Temp. meter, fully automatic penal.
Silent compressor
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